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Middle school art projects

Im convinced all students love to eat... This is a fun activity for my Art 1 students after we learn color theory. Edible color wheels. A box of vanilla wafers, food coloring and white icing. Yum!

The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!: 8th Grade

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As another pinner said - Cedar Creek Elementary Grade 6 Sunset artwork - is a -maze - ing!

Monochromatic or analogous colors for the background. Darkest colors at the top, changing to lightest. Once painted and dried, went over with black tempera paint to create a silhouette of a tree. They needed at least 5 combinations of colors varying from dark to light for swirls. Then start adding them in layers (D to L)from the top of the sky, middle, to the bottom. They chose contrasting color combination for the foreground and tree branches. Last, gold paint to show direction of light

Getting My Art Wings Back: 6th grade

The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!: 7th Grade. Also a teacher who expands the preconceived art notions. Students clearly enjoy the projects and the blog owner has valuable experience working with a diverse group of students.

First week of school oil pastel seascapes I did in cunjunction with the social studies teachers for my 6th grade art class. They had to choose a tropical, arctic, or mediterranean location and find the coordinates, then do a seascape for that location. They're beautiful!!

Op Art - Schoo Middle School Art