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school stuff

Accountable talk strategy - each table group gets a ball of yarn; one student recalls a fact from the text (can tweak for whatever strategy their working on) and then rolls the yarn to another student who can recall a fact; continue rolling the yarn to make a web of knowledge

Good Morning Mrs. Rubie

copy and paste an essay into google translate to listen for mistakes. Genius. This applies to creative writing, too.

1000 Life Hacks

Create fake text to display your morning message to your class each day

FACS Classroom Ideas: ifaketext

FREE Binder Covers and a short tutorial on how to add text to a product that is "Editable in PowerPoint".

Editable PowerPoint Tutorial & Free Binder Covers

Energizing Brain Breaks

Energizing Brain Breaks


Twitter / ThatsHistory: Teamwork

classroom organization

classroom organization

DIY Free printable monogrammed chevron binder covers - add your own monogram. Comes in several different colors!! You can also use these for wallpaper on your phone!

Each has "To Grade" on one side, then "Graded" on the other, so all I have to do is flip it over and clip it back on. I can also use these in my hanging file box to clip on the front of the folder if I store them that way. DIY - Teaching idea...organizing school papers.

Clothespins How-To - Teaching Portfolio of Stephanie Filardo

5 questions to increase engagement and critical thinking in your classroom.

educationjourney: Getting Started This would be good posted in the inside cover of our math notebooks...Could modify it to read Good Habits of Math Scholars/Mathematicians