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The Face of Cancer

Uterine cancer, SEM

Skin cancer

  • Cheryl Davidson

    Looks like a simple blister, but so much more deadly.

  • Whitney

    This is sort of what mine looked like. I found it when I was 23. Wish I could go back and tell my teenage self to stay away from tanning beds!!

  • Wear Awareness

    I found mine at age 22 and mine looked kind of like this.

Rectal cancer

  • Cheryl Davidson

    Rectal cancer is the 'silent but deadly cancer'. When they discovered this cancer on a family member the doctor said if they hadn't noticed it then, they would have only had about a year to live.

Nanomachines destroying cancer, artwork

  • Cheryl Davidson

    Cancer under the scanning electron microscope is almost pretty....but I still HATE it, all kinds of it!

Leading cause of lung cancer

Don't I wish it were this easy!

Colon Cancer Ilustration

  • Cheryl Davidson

    Can somebody Google this place and tell me where it's at? I'd love to find it.

Breast Cancer Survivor