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Digitizing Hand Lettering: From Sketch to Vector - Skillshare

Resin Obsession blog: What I've learned from over a decade of selling jewelry at art festivals and street fairs. Useful tips for any seller.

Customer Experience Is More Important Than Advertising (Infographic)

White Bear Bitters on Behance - I did this label for the Bitters we're making this year!

Filmed at Ampersand 2013 in Brighton, UK on 28 June 2013. "It takes four seconds to make up your mind about a typeface, and about eight minutes to explain why, in detail. It takes about ten years, give or take a couple, to figure out why all the print typographers moan that there's more to Good Typography than a nice typeface; they'd say it would take as much to explain the whole thing. Gerry will attempt to do it in 44 minutes, leaving just enough ti…

Content Strategy for the Web | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Pattern Observer Michelle Fifis talks about 3 emerging pattern trends that she gleaned from Indigo New York and Printsource New York — leading print shows.

A Handy Guide to Not Sucking So Bad on Instagram

The sneaky psychology of advertising - infographic

Create 360 product photos with your aiphone, a cup and the Cupchair app.