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Math Coach's Corner: Balancing Act: Understanding Equality

Math Coach's Corner: Balancing Act: Understanding Equality

Fourth Grade Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: It's a New Concept Sort! Algebra Thinking

A Sea of Math: Practicing Expressions and Their Vocabulary

A Sea of Math: Practicing Expressions and Their Vocabulary

Order of Operations: These Order of Operations task cards are a great alternative to worksheets! You will receive 30 math task cards focusing on the order of operations. There are also Aunt Sally (PEMDAS) anchor cards to support students in understand the order of operations. A student response form is provided along with an answer key. Common Core Order of Operations Skills: CCSS.Math.Content.5.OA.A.1 CCSS.Math.Content.6.EE.A.2c

Order of Operations

Combining Like Terms Part 3

Learning with Tape: Pre-Algebra Topics ISN Pages

In this file, students will practice solving one and two step equations. Best of all, this file is FREE! Students must be able to work with simpl...

Algebra Solving One and Two Step Equations Mazes FREE

Factoring 3rd degree polynomials can be intimidating not to mention frustrating if all you have to go by is some rules in a textbook, but when you can see it it's EASY. This student is autistic and we just made a game of it once we had done a few examples and were familiar with the names of the pieces. Refer to the concepts page and use the 3 period lesson to make sure we know the names of the symbols and and what the symbols represent. The use of color markers helps but isn't necessary.

Hands on Equations for iPad Proves Value of Visual Help for Algebra

Exponent Rules Sorting Cards (free .doc or PDF download, link to explanation)

Exponent Sort - Algebra Games

Algebra Video Lesson - Almost A Third Grader…dogs and math…can't be beat!

Algebraic Thinking day math routine: Links to the best algebraic games on math playground

Find the Balance! Equalities and Inequalities Centers from Blair Turner on (33 pages) - Young learners often struggle with equations and inequalities. Help your students understand that the equal sign separates two sides with equal values. These centers will develop number sense, conceptual understanding of abstract math concepts, and reinfo

Introducing variables with pictures.

Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog: HOMEWORK 9/30/13

Understanding the true meaning of the equal sign--knowing that 5=3+2 is perfectly acceptable--is a really tricky concept for most young students. This unit provides concrete learning experiences to build a sturdy foundation and several engaging practice activities to build fact fluency along with an understanding of the equal sign. $