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Math Facts Fluency Building (+, -, x, /)

These ideas help build students recall of facts in adding subtracting, multiplying, and dividing or help them understand the action of the operation such as multiplication is repeated addition/multiples. These also help build number sense.

Help your students achieve multiplication fact fluency and build measurement skills with these fun and engaging activities to be used with a set of...

*UPDATED 3-11-2014* Use these array cards to help teach multiplication fact fluency, perimeter, area, etc. Suitable for any grade that covers mult...

Students roll two dice and color the parts of the robot with corresponding sums. A good partner game at a math center as children take turns with t...

Part Part Whole Puzzles. Students will have so much fun as they learn number relationships!

How do I use the Multiplication Match Up Puzzles? Read about it on Tips From the Tutor!

Math Coach's Corner: The Path to Automaticity with Addition Facts

Learning addition and counting using a bingo dabber and butcher paper.

This article provides a good overview of number talks and how they can be used to promote computational fluency and mental math strategies.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Miniature Multiplication Ring Toss

Pre-Alebraic Thinking for Elementary Students (Blog Post) An elementary math project idea for students, inspired by Amber Thomas at shutthedoorandtea.... Tried it with 3rd graders and it went awesome!

Math Coach's Corner: Addends Tic Tac Toe Game

This 80-page pack includes activities to help teach your students double addition facts up to 12. Includes: *10 games *2 math notebook pages and f...

The Elementary Math Maniac: A Quick, Easy way to Build Multiplication Fact Strategies

Clothes Pin Multiplication Center

Purely Paperless: It's Array-zing: Digital Tools in Math!

flash cards in a mini photo album-teacher tipster