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Quotes for Life Lessons/ Encouraging and Motivating Students

Before students will care how much a teacher knows, they must know how much a teacher cares! What we say to students may influence them forever. Make sure to give them positive words and things to think about!

WINNERS ARE NOT PEOPLE WHO NEVER FAIL BUT PEOPLE WHO NEVER QUIT. Visit us at #sweetsweatfitness #sweetsweatworkout #motivation

How I Stop Myself From Quitting - Tips from someone that has lost 100lbs and how she never gave up.

Seven Ways to Turn your day around- 7 coping skills role modeled….5th and 6th graders will LOVE this! A great discussion starter too!


Inspirational quotes to motivate and share

▶ Kid President Shares Your Things We Should Say More Often The sequel to 20 Things You Should Say More Often #choose2matter #inspiration

Love this!

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.