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Ratio, Proportion, Rates, Unit Rates

Free Paper Football Math Activity: Ratio Proportions with STEM Career Connection. Students learn how their favorite sports calculate common statistics like batting average or throwing accuracy. Students then play a game of paper football to find their own field goal accuracy! Great for practicing middle school math concepts.

This activity poses the real world question "Which is the better deal?" when buying one of three passes to an amusement park. Students are to deve...

Linear Word Problem Portfolio Activity "Better Deal"

Grocery Store Task - 6th Grade Common Core Ratio and Proportion 6.RP.2 and 6.RP.3b

Once a Month Grocery Shopping (Part 1)

Spinning Ratios Leveled, Hands-on Ratio Activity, CCS: 6.RP.1 In this product there are 5 different spinners. Students will use a paperclip and sp...

Spinning Ratios Leveled, Hands-on Ratio Activity, CCS: 6.RP.1

Percent Proportion Video 1

The real meaning of MPH- use for lesson on rates

  • Alisan Royster

    Too funny. My students would love this.

  • Katrina Kaeli

    Uf. The gendered implications of showing this to a middle school class makes me uncomfortable for sure.

A must have for every 6th grade math class. A set of 18 task cards to give your students fun practice with ratios, unit rates, and equivalent rati...

Hey teachers! I took your feedback to heart and made changes to this product to make it more useful to you. Please let me know how you/your student...

Proportions Solve and Snip- Covers TEKS and CCSS for 6th & 7th Grade

Proportions "Solve and Snip"- Practice Problems- Common Core

Tons of media ideas for proportional reasoning

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