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More like this: fractions, art activities and clown faces.

Using Art Projects in Math

These are art ideas to help students apply the mathematics we teach them - interdisciplinary.

My "Quadrilateral Robots" lesson is a great way to have fun teaching your students about quadrilaterals. There is a quadrilateral robot art project, a robot road game and high level thinking worksheets.

Silly Shaped Owls to teach student's different shapes. Fun Fall activity!


Grade 3. Portrait drawing- symmetry- LBA Arts Shutterfly Page

I love ideas that include math and art! Great idea for November + Geometry Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Thanksgiving

Could use this idea when studying attributes of quadrilaterals

Shapes craft - triangle, circle, square, rectangle.

Fun way to work on scaled drawing... Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher: Scaling Up Candy Wrappers

Perimeter Problems and Area Art!

Fun art project to practice measuring and drawing angles!

Using a protractor to help find the measure of interior angles of a triangle, combining art and math

cute! Let kids create pictures with pattern blocks, they then have to graph how many they used for their picture...could use paper cut outs OR have students take picture of their picture :) Students could also find the fractional part of each block in their design.

Fraction Art on Dot Paper, might have to try this.

I purchased the mosaic tile kit from Walmart with includes square foam stickers (no glue or scissors required). Alternatively, you could have students draw a picture on half of a piece of graph paper and then colour the squares in.

Exploring Math in Primary Grades through Artistic Math Projects

Spontaneity Brings Math to Life! Guest blog post by Nyla Phillips-Martin on Corkboard Connections. Nyla shares a project idea for creating puppets from 3D shapes.

Fraction-burg continued and geometry art