Come on in! Join Pinterest only takes like a second or so. We are currently out boondocking in the Nevada Desert and I really love these new LED bulbs. It’s amazing how much longer the battery bank is lasting between charges. I also got a chance to check out the new LED marker lamps in the dark and man do they look great. Nice and bright, while drawing 1/5 the DC amperage versus the old type bulb. #LED #RV #Lamps #Lights

RV Boondocking Tips and where to stay if it's just a night or two.

Would you dare to go full-time #RVing solo? Malia Lane did it and she shares her story... if you love the #RV life and the outdoors, you'll love this read!

26 Best Places to Camp in USA - in June 2014, GSNENY will be camping at the first one!

Homemade Lotion Bars. None of the chemicals, parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum, etc. that you'll find in store-bought lotions! Use coconut and olive oil.

Guide To Free Campgrounds & Overnight...


Double closet space :D

Network of RVers who welcome fellow RVers to "Boondock" for a day or two. Kind of like couch surfing in driveways or fields. Such a great idea.

Cheap RV living....RV Blog Of The Month For June – The Good Luck Duck!!

The rundown on each state---places to visit, landmarks, etc.

Here is our answer to: Are there places that older RV's are not welcome? The simple answer to this question is YES there are some RV Parks, Campgrounds and RV Resorts that do not allow older RVs to use their facilities. Read More: www.everything-ab...

Boondocking Basics - I’m not a hard-core dry camper by any means. Some folks I see are out there, stay for months at a time and have advanced setups for it. I’m more the 5-7 day type of dry camper then back to a full hook-up campground for a while before venturing out again. So from my point of view here are my boondocking basics. A fabulous resource for dispersed camping (aka boondocking). #boondocking #dispersed camping

A night on the beach can be the best escape ever! #JetsetterCurator