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DIY Amazing 9-Layer Density Tower from Things Found in Your Kitchen by stevespanglerscience: Make objects float in the middle of a liquid with this amazing trick. #Science #Liquids #Density

A great lesson for children about giving! Make homeless blessing bags with toiletries and treats. Keep them in the car to give to those on the corner. Includes ideas to give as well as how to offer the bags without being offensive.

What to do with all those Christmas cards?!? Make them people's contact photos for when they call you! That way you can enjoy them all year! :)

Even if you've upholstered chairs before, this will teach you the proper way. Especially helpful on corners.

I love my disinfectant spray recipe but with winter coming soon, I was happy to learn you can make your own hand sanitizer in a gel versus a spray. I think this ...

make paper bag fruit baskets

Do at the end of each school year starting with kindergarten- I love this idea!

Plant succulents in a shell...

Make it Cozee: Tutorial: Secret to Cutting Felt

This is genius! Who knew? Parmesan cheese containter lids will fit on mason jars! How about keeping baking soda by the sink for a mildly abrasive cleanser. Or flour near where you kneed your bread - just sprinkle on the counter.