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Baby and Kids Photo Ideas

Great 1st year pic idea! You can take the same picture in the same place and add more balloons as they age!

Birthday Portraits | Smash Cake

First Day of School Photo Idea
  • Annabel Hou

    investigation has found out that most kids want to be policeman/fireman/FBI/...maybe it will be more accurate to say, hero, when they grown-up.

CUTEST baby girl newborn pic ever! Adore this Princess and the Pea inspired shot. ♥

Such a great idea! Take a mother-daughter picture every year and watch the changes :) -- (Great for daughter-father, son-father, son-mother or husband-wife too)

The best of times. Clocks stopped at each child's birth time. Cute idea!

Bliss Images and Beyond: The Best of Times

Daddy's hat and tie - cute! Could do with mommy's hat and pearls, too. :)