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'wing' bookends!! love them!

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egg unlimited / studio brave

michalov resturant

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The Blue Palace, Isle of Crete, Greece

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i seriously adore these! DIY Hand Stamped Napkins via Shannanigans

'brackets' bookends! love!

whiskey parking

maya / jennifer stuber

  • Norma Leslie

    I remember my German shepher looking just like that when we adopted him when we first moved to Texas and when he grew to adult size he would body block me and knock me down and then just wag his tail and look at me like ha ha I got you.

  • Afya


  • Jymese Smith

    such a cutie! :)

  • Rita Benedict

    i have a pup coming on the 9th i named her issy. she will be 7 or 8 weeks old comes from near canada. going to meet them half way. i also have a two year old labradoole who is funny loving and great .

  • Diane

    Too cute!

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wordy eggs.