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Retro Motel Signs

Motel signs...they don't make them like they used to! From east to west and everywhere in between, motels have brought shelter to those traveling all over the USA.

Photo Motel 5 by Husain Alramadhan

Motel 5 by Husain Alramadhan / 500px

Palomino Motel. TUCUMCARI, NM

Russell, Kansas. Always remember seeing this as a kid.

vintage motel images - Google Search :: Gallery - Fantasy Motel vintage postcard

Vintage Holiday Inn sign

Thunderbird Motel - Dodge City, Kansas USA - May 12, 2012Credit: jimsawthat (Jim Good) on Flickr via the VINTAGE MOTEL SIGNS ONLY! group pool.

Seal's Motel - Seattle, WA. always loved this sign

Ghosts Of The Great Highway: 10 Fine Examples - Neon signs.

Martha's Motel and Breakfast.

Bahia Motor Hotel, San Diego

Not Palm Springs, but on the way to Vegas. Popular stop in Amboy, CA