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Avalon at Glastonbury

Avalon is a collective term used to convey the ways of the Old Path, the Magik of the Ancient One’s where people live in harmony with Mother Earth & all that dwell upon her. Illness, fear & greed do not exist there. For many centuries it has been deemed that this place in actuality is Glastonbury England, but in reality is everywhere.

Margaret Walty - кельтский лунный календарь — Маяк над заливом

The Bligh Bond Rose Stone Vigil. Frederick Bligh Bond was the archaeologist who uncovered much of the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and he was guided on where to dig by a psychic who was in touch with the medieval monks. One of these monks also described something called the Rose Stone Ritual which he claimed, was carried out by the monks annually on the night of September 12th when Crater(as the Chalice or Holy Grail) appears 'in the Tor'.

I am the Echo you hear, In the Forest Deep And the Warmth of the Sun upon your Face I am the ageless sound of the Ocean's Roar And the power thats felt in every wild Place I am the wheat that rustles low on the Breezes...

Glasto Tor by National-Trust, via Flickr


Carrying the Goddess up the Tor

The Glastonbury Tor illuminated

Glastonbury Tor Jubilee Illuminations