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Elephant babies

Exuberant Emotional Elephants 101

this is how i feel when I try on clothes...

Monkey with little pot belly admits he took the last banana

A few of my favorite facts about bottle-nosed dolphins: --They have 100 teeth; --Some can hold their breath for 30 minutes; --May eat up to 30 lbs of fish a day; --Babies can stay w/their mother for 2 to 3 years, and they can live to be 50 years old!

Nature: All things bright and beautiful

I LOVE this picture! Rachel Hogan with young gorilla, Chickaboo. Ape Action Africa is a charity devoted to the conservation of gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates in Cameroon. Photo credit to Ian Bickerstaff.

All About Ape Action Africa: An Interview with Caroline McLaney.

Baby French Bulldog | Animals Pictures

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 89 Pics

This is, well was what my puppy looked like, when he was a lil' guy! Now he is all grown up, and not such a lil' guy!:)