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Reasons for Hope

It's NOT all gloom and doom out there. People are pushing back, individually and in their communities. Shift Happens.

Global solar dominance in sight as science trumps fossil fuels. Solar power will slowly squeeze the revenues of petro-rentier regimes in Russia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. They will have to find a new business model, or fade into decline | Telegraph

Boston Doctors Can Now Prescribe Bike Share Membership to Patients | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

The little Danish island of Samsø produces more electricity than it consumes, all from the sun and wind – making it famous for fossil fuel free power and inspiring others to follow suit.

Utah embraces trio of renewable energy firsts | Deseret News

Solar energy had a HUGE 2013 in the US, accounting for nearly a third of all new electricity generation capacity installed. But the numbers don't even tell the whole tale. Read more: understory.ran.or...

WAY TO GO KANSAS! KS House rejected repeal of renewable energy standards, in spite of #Koch and #ALEC pressure.

100% Renewable Energy Isn’t Theoretical, It’s Reality

31 March 2014: Youth Walkout for Climate Justice

The Resilient Rhode Island Act of 2014 — developed by Brown students working with a faculty member and outside consultants — was introduced to the Rhode Island General Assembly by Rep. Arthur Handy, D-Cranston, in March 2014. The University provided funding to support the legislation, which outlines a strategy to lower Rhode Island’s carbon emissions and prepare the state’s infrastructure for impending climate change .

Public Transit Use In U.S. Is At a 57-Year High, Report Finds

30 Senators stay up for climate change – a turning point for US policy? The all night, 15-hour event was a display of climate science awareness and a shift in political strategy -- by Dana Nuccitelli

A Peek Into The Astonishing Future Of Wind Power | ThinkProgress

How Texas Made Wind Energy a Real Player -- effective strategies that other states might copy

According to a new study out of California, taxing carbon emissions at a whopping $200 per ton would create more jobs in the state than business-as-usual.

Greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland's power stations have fallen by more than a third in five years, figures have revealed.

Eco shocker: Turbine Light concept uses wind to light highways Ingenious, eco-friendly concepts are all around us, there's no denying that. This one caught our eye because it's pretty innovative, seemingly well thought out, and good looking to boot. The Turbine Light concept harnesses the power of the wind from cars rushing past to light up the ever-darkening roadways.

Gas Industry Report Calls Anti-Fracking Movement a “Highly Effective Campaign”

Denmark Turns Climate Goals Into Climate Law -

The India government has thrown its support behind solar power in recent weeks, with a series of announcements aimed at boosting the country’s clean energy capacity and provide access to energy in rural communities.

Concerned about global warming? You're not the only one! You're not even the only American - by far.

An alliance of over 1,000 cities has called on the European Council to strengthen an EU proposal to reduce Europe’s carbon emissions 40% by 2030. - See more at:

Island in Scotland to be first 100% self-sustaining place on earth.