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the many ways to wear a kilt/kilt patterns

The Russian Santa Claus in Siberia (The eastern part of Russia situated in Asia). He’s known as Ded Moroz.

Coppelia Scottish dance. I love the plaid tutu!

Snowflake pattern etched with an ion beam onto the surface of a microscopic tin sphere

F-22 pulling so many G-forces that the wave of low pressure behind it causes water to condense

The Milky Way & The Pyramids of Egypt, Visit Our Website For More Pictures

Hedgehog Middle Kingdom, XII-XIII Dynasty, ca. 1938-1700 B.C.E. Egypt Brooklyn Museum When food is scarce, hedgehogs retreat into underground dens for long periods, only to re-emerge in times of abundance. The Egyptians associated this behavior with rebirth and thus wore amulets in the form of hedgehogs or left figures such as this one in tombs.

The Prayer Book of Queen Claude of France (wife of Francis I), circa 1517. Each page is fully viewable online... So small, it boggles the mind that it's all done by hand.

Holy Crap this is pretty!!!

Shell Grotto at Margate (UK) - In 1835 Mr James Newlove lowered his young son Joshua into a hole in the ground that had appeared during the digging of a duck pond. Joshua emerged describing tunnels covered with shells. He had discovered the Shell Grotto; 70ft of winding underground passages leading to an oblong chamber, its walls decorated with strange symbols mosaiced in 4.6 million shells. The origins of this grotto are a mystery.