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Art: 3D, Trompe L'oeil, Murals, Sidewalk and Street Art

Amazing talent these artists have.

How unusual is it for street art to so perfectly depict a Disney princess? #disney #streetart #cinderella

3D chalk pavement art by Joe and Max

3D chalk fish pavement art by Ulla Taylor, from PixySix's flickr photostream

Outside the little cupcake shop in SoHo | via tumblr

3D Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt - Deer chilling

3D Streetart by Edgar Mueller

3D sidewalk chalk art. how is this even possible?

StreetArt ~ the great Charyn canyon in Kasastan

Kurt Wenner's Eye-Popping Sidewalk Art


Street art. The woman is real the hole isn't.

Chalk Art

Next to a LEGO Store LOL 3D chalk pavement art