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Yes, THIS is the essence of salvation

This quote has meaning to us because we serve youth have been dealt a bad hand in life. Rather than focus on feeling sorry for themselves we strive to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge of the opportunities available to them they can use to improve their situation.

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Have to remind ourselves of this

Be Strong and Courageous, Chalkboard Wall Art Be Strong and Courageous, Chalkboard Wall Art

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Exactly ! Too many people have become so self absorbed they feel it is their right to spew angry hurtful words whenever the mood strikes them . It means they have no manners . The essential part about manners is putting others before self . But by doing that you also have better self esteem

Funny how all the stuff in the middle is true but what is most important is in bold. Simple and clear!

God sometimes uses hardships to mold us into what we must be to have the destiny He has in mind for us.

Despite the subconscious belief that putting someone down makes you "greater" fact it does the complete opposite! When we lift up another...we raise our own vibrations.