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Raffaele Mastrolonardo

Raffaele Mastrolonardo

Journalis, co-founder of F5 news agancy

Technology & Adoption Source: DowJones

Four screens to Victory (source: Google)

AISM e la ricerca scientifica sulla sclerosi multipla

Dalla fondazione all'Ipo, la timeline di Facebook (source: Mashable)

Facebook & co., how Social Media is replacing traditional journalism as a news source

Unsinkable business (Source: Fast Company)

38% of kids are under 12 on #Facebook You really have to think about cyber safety for your little ones!

We are the Web (Source: Take Action, by Google)

Infographics. The Social Network Yearbook, 1960 - 2012:

Beautiful Lab Project Ep. 1 - The long (17 years) and tormented political relationship between Silvio Berlusconi and Gianfranco Fini in just 4 minutes (video produced by,, ENGLISH VERSION

Beautiful Lab Project Ep 0 - Tutto quello che c'è da sapere su Beautiful in 6 minuti (video prodotto da,, VERSIONE ITALIANA

Beautiful Lab Project Ep 0 - All you need to know about The Bold and the Beautiful condensed in 6 minutes (Produced by, and ENGLISH VERSION

Newsweek: la copertina 'retrò' dedicata al ritorno di Mad Men.

Come le infografiche stanno rovinando il web (Fonte: splatf)