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Our family's Christmas traditions, & a few new ones to start...trees, Santa, stockings, mistletoe, gingerbread house building, hot choc, Christmas light sightseeing, cards, carols, gifts, visiting, sugarplum dreams(hanging garlands with lights & tying on candy & lollipops over kids' beds), snowman sheets, making candy, baking cookies, gumdrop tree, milk & cookies for Santa, magic reindeer food &/or carrots, volunteer, donate, pix with Santa, special ornaments, pickle, clues to find gifts, countdowns, & wishlists!

(READ)-From October to Christmas, things to do every week to make the Christmas season even better/easier

New Tradition: Each kid gets their own wrapping paper - none of the gifts are marked, and in order to know which gifts are theirs, they have to find a tiny piece of their wrapping paper in the bottom of their stocking. it's a little last minute excitement, as they see the gifts, but don't know which belongs to who. love this!

(NEW maybe?)-We've been doing something like this ever since child #2 was born. 3 gifts from Santa - just like the 3 gifts the Magi brought the baby Jesus. i love this tradition! every Christmas give children three gifts: one “gold” gift, the big item they are longing for; one “myrrh” gift, which is for their body, such as clothing; and one “frankincense” gift, for their spiritual growth. just think how often this reasoning will come up for discussion with your children. and how you will get to share the Christmas story. tell of the wise men searching for the new born king. how they followed the star, found him and gave him those three gifts.

Christmas countdown. Wrap a book to read each night as a family until Christmas. A great way to promote reading and to count down. We have always read a book each night...this year we wrapped them all & are opening one each night...much more fun!

(NEW)-Might do this for Christmas with the Nativity story - Have each person read their part of the story.

Write to Santa. . . (This site is full of fun Christmas games, recipes, carols, everything to make Christmas FUN!)

We hang this on our sugarplum dream garlands on the kids' headboards, add lights & tie on tradition in our home!

We put snowman or Christmasy sheets on our beds to kick off the holidays!

Christmas Stockings- I made some from an old quilt similar to these!

Gingerbread house building supplies--everybody gets their own muffin pan full of goodies!

sprinkle Magic Reindeer Food on your front lawn Christmas Eve! Just mix together some rolled oats and sugar sprinkles and take care of those reindeer! and in the morning there was reindeer POOP all over the place! Apparently the reindeer poop looked a lot like Cocoa Puffs cereal!

Maybe a new tradition?-Santa's footprints. Baking soda+glitter...just another way to make Christmas morning a bit more magical.