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Sushi door decs with wedding chopsticks. Odu

The sushi was all made with candy, rice treats we prepared, fruit roll ups and fruit by the foot. Candies included – runts, mini M’s, Swedish fish, Rainbow colored Twizzlers, Various Little Debbie snack cakes, gummy worms/snakes, Candy Lime Slices & Marshmallows.

Fushi – Fun Fake Sushi (aka candy sushi)

Ice Cream Social advertisement, could be a fun fundraiser.

Idea Box I put in the community bathroom as an RA... but I still use it for myself.

dessert bulletin board ideas | Dessert themed stress avoidance board #RA

Anti-Bullying Party: Don't Be A Mean Person. Did you know? April 30, 2014 is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Host a mean Girls Program, have residents wear pink (it's a Wednesday), and serve up cheese fries and toaster strudels.

RA Bulletin Board

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College door decorations. Santas suit!!

Umbrella Door Dec, (door decor dec name tag ra dorm)

Be true to you!

Instagram photo by @thatgirldurr (Libby Durr) - via Iconosquare