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Vintage, Books, and Disney...hard to get any better.

Rebecca Campbell The Explorer, 2013 oil on linen

This picture sums up what I do with my life offline - books, tea, comfy chair, escape into another world.

Surprise Stash of Sweets Found in Cambridge Library

Bloomsbury Street Bookstore, London, England a different kind of library:

Chetham's Library:Unusual bindings- Bible of 1756, which has been separated into two equal parts. Bound side by side, so that the second part opens back-to-front. The effect is of two separate books, bound on a common lower board, with separate spines. The front cover opens in two halves from the centre. The left label reads: 'Oracula sacra William Freemantle's 1765'. The right label reads 'Si quis loquitur, loquatur ut eloquia dei I. Peter. 4. II.' The front is fastened by heart-shaped clasps

Mind Blowing Paintings by Jacek Yerka / Photo Vide

Goodreads Illustrated Quote of the Month