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DIY Home Gym

DIY is typically the cheapest, and arguably the best, but certainly the most fulfilling way to do almost anything. Putting together a home gym is no exception to that rule. This board is all about creative ways to build and/or repurpose items for functional fitness in the comfort of one's own #garage. #homegym #diy #crossfit

All out Rogue Fitness fan - so much Rogue; all Rogue! #garagegym

Inspirational Garage Gyms & Ideas Gallery Pg 9 - Garage Gyms

Muay thai / Boxing Tyre Bag - Explosive Fitness

Training with Contact hang board

Contact Training Board Guide

Make your own pull up bar.

Garden Pull-Up/chin-up Bar

Homemade outdoor pull-up bar. On the to-do list.

Another great garage gym with a lot of DIY. I'm digging the hammer and tire

Garage Gyms Inspirations & Ideas Gallery Pg 4 - Garage Gyms