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Secret and Secure Spaces

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Hidden Door to Kid's Hideout in Closet

Hidden Kid’s Door in Closet | StashVault

Secret Bookcase Door in Basement

Bookcase Door to Secret Room | StashVault

Hidden Staircase Under Stairs

Stairs Hidden Under Other Stairs | StashVault

Neil Patrick Harris + Secret Door + Art + Adam Hunter + Magic Room

Hidden Interior Compartment in Wall Clock

Secret Compartment Wall Clock | StashVault

Hidden compartment in shelf

Slide-Out Secret Compartment Shelf | StashVault

Hidden Compartment in Tile Wall

Secret Tile Wall Compartment Brackets | StashVault

Trap Door in Floor Opens to Stairs

Secret Hatch to Basement Stairs | StashVault

Basement Passage Through Bookcase Door

Secret Basement Bookcase Door | StashVault

Additional Space Beneath Floor

Secret Room Beneath Floor | StashVault

Utility Path Concealed by Hedges

Secret Garden Pathway | StashVault

Secret Gun Safe in Couch

Couch Bunker Safe | StashVault

Bush is Actually Secret Hiding Spot

Shelter Hidden as Yard Bush | StashVault

iPad in Hollow Book Compartment - Found by middle school teacher

iPad Hidden in Hollow Book | StashVault

Luxury Watch Safe - Buben & Zorweg

Luxury Buben and Zorweg Watch Safe | StashVault

Victorian Laptop - Captain's Writing Box with secret drawers

Poison Ring Jewelry Compartment

Secret Compartment Silver Ring | StashVault

Hidden Bookcase Door in Wall

Trap Door to Hidden Room

Hidden Rooms in House | StashVault

Under Floor and Bed Storage

Under Floor Bedroom Linen Storage | StashVault

Under Floor Wine Storage in Boat

Under Floor Wine Storage in Show Boat | StashVault

Hidden Storage Drawer in Shelf

Modern Floating Wall Shelf with Hidden Drawer | StashVault

Hidden Storage Beneath Kitchen Floor

Hidden Storage Under Kitchen Floor | StashVault