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The bottle opener. Perhaps one of man's finest inventions, sadly it became somewhat a novelty. Today we choose to entertain ourselves by passing our beer to our friends who still think it cool to open beers using their teeth, u know the one, or stagger around the beach hoping to find someone who has one stuck in the bottom of his flip flop, or lean down to bang bottles on the curb or the homeowners counter tops neglecting to pick up the top b/c we have no idea where the hell it flew to.

The boot brush. Used for centuries, and conveniently located outside the doors of public buidings and homes, these were used to obviously remove dirt, horse shit, and or debris from the bottoms of our foot wear. Today in an age of carpets, and cheap flooring we opt to simply stroll inside the homes of our friends and family and slowly destroy one threshold at a time...dumb.

The medicine cabinet. Imagine this y'all, open the door and all ur hygenic shit is right there in front of you, out of sight. Now, we like to drop our tooth brushes into tiny cases, or better throw it into a little drawer where it comes into contact with shaving creams, lotions, and best but not least an unidentified black hair that matches no one inhabiting ur house. People now are actually opting to tear theres out when renovating....mmm, that lotion,cream, nasty hair must taste delicious.

Touch lamps...yes, I know, we all had them. Now a rarity, it seems instead of after coming home from a long day of work and simply tapping the lamp, or even better when trying to turn the lamp off and go to sleep, we end up doing a cirque du soleil act trying to find and finally twise the damn lamp knob contorting our bodies just trying to go to bed.....I for one have decided to replace all our lamps with "touch" lamps and or the clapper..

Geez, as a youth, I saw these everywhere, lazy susans were in the middle of tables and at family picnics, now they are a rarity, as we choose to dig through cabinets and drawers for hours to find anything...why??