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Chaim Greenbaum

Chaim Greenbaum

Tear and Share USB Key - You just need to tear off a tab and take the handy USB Drive on the go with you! Crafted essentially from 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp, this economical, credit-card-sized data pack is fantastic! You can even write on the tab directly and label the drive! Designers : Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup

Strawberries dipped in marshmallow fluff and then roasted over a campfire.

2013 Black Chevrolet Silverado Truck...can't be a country girl without one

Chocolat d'Eté; chocolate ice cubes

Murdered Out Matte Black Coke Can #packaging #design

Bread Clips to identify plugs !!!

My new Movado BOLD watch

cheese cheese cheese

Never give up! Hahaha!!

My favorite van

Zeo: During the night, the user wears a soft headband with an embedded sensor that detects the brain's electrical activity. That information is used to determine the user's stage of sleep—light, deep or REM (when we dream)—and wirelessly sent to a bedside base station. In the morning, the display unit gives a summary of the previous night's sleep, including how long a user slept, how many times she woke up, and the amount of time she spent in the various stages of sleep.

the 1956 BMW Isetta 300, with a 53MPH top speed - I want this car!

Shut up and take up my money!!! Meet Pebble. Your Perfect Watch. It's as Easy as Downloading an App.

Cheshire Cat by Lobikov Nikolay