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Champion Petfood

Champion Petfood

Makers of Canada's Best Petfood — ORIJEN and ACANA. We make Biologically Appropriate™ pet foods from FRESH REGIONAL ingredients, in our award-winning kitchens

ACANA Grasslands Cat & Kitten For cats of all breeds and life stages

ACANA Pacifica Cat & Kitten For cats of all breeds and life stages

ACANA Wild Prairie Cat & Kitten For cats of all breeds and life stages

ORIJEN Regional Red is a symphony of fresh Angus beef, wild boar, Alberta lamb, heritage pork and bison - all ranch raised within our region by people we know and trust - in a meat and protein-rich formula that's unmatched in nutrition and taste

Inspired by the rich diversity of fish indigenous to our local waters, ORIJEN 6 Fish features unmatched inclusions of saltwater and freshwater fish - caught wild within our region and whisked to our kitchens as fresh and cold as the waters they came from.

ORIJEN Cat & Kitten features unmatched inclusions of cage-free chicken and turkey, whole nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish - all farmed or fished within our region and delivered to our kitchens FRESH each day, so they're brimming with goodness to nourish completely.

Alberta Wild Boar Freeze Dried CatTreat

Ranch Raised Lamb Freeze Dried Cat Treat

Regional Red Freeze Dried Cat Treat. Formula matched to our NEW ORIJEN Regional Red cat food

Tundra Freeze Dried Cat Treat. Made with Venison, Elk, Steelhead Trout, and Quail - YUMMY!

Original Freeze Dried Cat Treat. Formula matched to our ORIJEN Cat & Kitten food.

We can feel the temperatures getting colder! Love this autumn cat.

Casper got a haircut...

Beautiful tribute to blind Homer - Homer's Odyssey. All cats deserve love. Being blind does not mean helpless.

Cute steel grey kitten sitting on a floor.

Check out this cat's beautiful coloring!

Growing into a strong, healthy cat!

Lux Louise evolved into "Miss Luxie Lou". She plays exclusively with plastic spider rings, is a pro with her paws, and has markings on her back leg that resemble an ankle monitor.

Smiling kitten. Happy cat!