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diagonal book cubbies - interesting!

this is the next best thing after living INSIDE of IKEA!

THIS must be in my yard, Westmount bylaws be damned!

I am so jealous of the pretty tape available in Japan - MT masking tape Expo in Japan. Pretty marketing, now I want some.

I find this very pretty.

Jay's dream is traveling north america in an Airstream. My dream is finding an old camper and restoring it.

  • Wendy

    I would also love to restore an old camper and travel North America. Someday...

  • Virginia Champoux

    I just want to restore it. Let Jay travel!!!

  • Karyn

    Jim is silent on the restoration but would love to travel the US in a RV of some sort. I'd probably hire you to restore it.

this is missing from our pool.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Walter H. Gale House - it is still my dream to spend 1 night in a FLW building