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This would be so epic!

The Four Founders by lsmyang on deviantART

I'm a creep.... why do I love this so much. PS Marc Antony as Aladdin C'MON... Famous actors photographed as Disney characters…

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The moment before the most famous album cover ever was photographed. 1969


"Around Saturn" is a wonderful time-lapse video of tens of thousands of pictures taken by the Cassini probe, set to music. It's simply beautiful.

I ♥ The Black Keys (Truth)

“The waterproof planetarium floats in water and contains a bright light that projects out into the room, or even into the tub itself when flipped over.” Want one!

Basically what happens is that you and your mom buy your own pair of Motherspoon and register onto a dedicated platform for file sharing. So when you mom cooks her recipe and uses the spoon to taste her food, the sensor laden spoon picks up the ingredients and deciphers the recipe. When put on its cradle, the spoon loads the recipe to the sharing platform so that you can access it, even if you live miles apart. This is awesome.

Pretty freakin much! I understand the benefits of optioning your work but find the right team please.

Oenotravel Wine aroma kit: 24 aroma flasks to help train you to recognize the scents of over 50 European wines

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  • Elena Hansen

    Ducks DO produce an echo when they quack! I saw it on Mythbusters!

"I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" - Galileo

Zevs’ Invisible LV Logos at the W Hotel Paris