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Tiny# House - Minim House

Photos + Tour | Minim Micro Homes

Molecule Tiny Homes - I love that they figured out how to put in a real staircase.

Molecule Tiny Homes

Reclaimed sheetmetal from an old car makes a pretty cool table. The Weld House by Joel Hester

Awesome Cookie Company

Welcome | Awesome Cookie Company

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. | Craft Beer Gilbert AZ

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. | Craft Beer Gilbert AZ

Post pictures of your beer fridges - Page 6 - Home Brew Forums

Post pictures of your beer fridges - Page 6 - Home Brew Forums

Quest arrows all fletched with our new Blazers and my new green Lumenoks!

Here's how Amazon Fire TV stacks up against its three main competitors.

Amazon Fire TV vs. Apple TV vs. Roku 3 vs. Chromecast

Nintendo/Sega Logo Evolution - Interesting but not complete; SEGA Started out as 'SErvice GAmes' and there is no SNES listed but still kinda neat.

Logo Evolutions: Nintendo vs. SEGA [Infographic]

Packaged in a repurposed aromatic cedar cigar boxes from a shop in Northern Texas, this brand new set handmade by MiniFab includes: (1) Custom monogrammed straight razor, (2) Silvertip badger shaving brush, (3) Mustache comb, (4) Leather strop, (5) Shave soap. Each set fits snugly into a foam and cork insert.

TWO PLANES ESCORT TRIANGLE UFO August 2013. This Ufo sighting was recorded from the high floors of a luxury condominium, on the New Jersey shore. This sensational video was filmed by a couple that wants to remain anonymous. The person recording the tape added that the Ufo and planes were moving really fast, and that's why they were not able to keep them in focus for a long period of time.

Duluth, MN - Michael Birawer

Michael Birawer: Canal Park - Duluth

So, according to this infographic, my personal favorite style of hat (flat cap) is 400+ year old style.

Thanos by Ryan Pasibe and Tots Valeza *

Arrow by Nagy Norbert

Arrow by norbface on deviantART