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Chantal Gooderham

Chantal Gooderham


Popsicle Stick Crafts, this would be cute to pass out to others if you could tape a "bag of popcorn" so it is removable....BEWARE giving pocorn to elderly or small children (choking hazard)

Have your Elf leave the kids a note asking them to plant his magic seeds (Tic Tacs) into a bowl of sugar for a sweet surprise. When they wake up the next morning the seeds will have grown into cookies!

I've done volunteer work in convalescent homes. So many of the elderly just get banished and forgotten. Even if you are not direct family, just to have social stimuli and for them to be recognized and form a relationship that is not a nurse or doctor is so very much appreciated.

Twig Art This is a craft I did with residents at the nursing home I work at! Very easy just take a twig hot glue it I canvas then you can make glitter leaves paper leaves or my favorite buttons

great shot

variation of You've Been Jingled

Brother sister inner bicep tattoo . 'If you sink, ill sink with you'

I want this with the quote 'every saint has a past, every sinner has a future'

shoulder blade tattoo

Take one breath... (shoulder blade tattoo) and then take another Repeat these simple steps until you feel like you’re doing better Take one breath, just let the calm of it consume you Everybody knows that it’s never fair There’s really only one thing we can do

On my shoulder blade!

:-) make these tattoos, I seen a chick in Myrtle Beach who had the dopamine symbol on her shoulder blade, pretty cool!

I think, that this is what I'm going to get once I turn 18. On my right shoulder blade is what I'm thinkin'

hummingbird tattoo...minus the blue in and on my shoulder blade

I want this done in water colors, getting darker is it turns into butterflies and eventually a big 3D butterfly on my shoulder blades. :)

Carry your cross. i wanted one of the back of my neck but now i want one on my shoulder blade for this reason. its so symbolic, especially for what i've been/am going through.

i love shoulder blade tattoos. But not until after I'm married. No visible tattoos in a wedding dress.

This too shall pass bible verse tattoo

Bible+Verse+Tattoos | Bible Verse Tattoos Page 17 Images

Hebrews 6:19 bible verse tattoo. Would be cute with an anchor somewhere