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Brilliant- SALE Hold Me Close Nursing Scarf - Gray Chevron, Nursing Cover, Infinity Scarf

Holy cow, that is actually ridiculously smart.

mail a puzzle.. Cute way to tell family and friends that don't live close that we are expecting!

Smart - "The site has photos with translucent fabric show proper newborn positioning in a wrap or ring sling. Great for if you have questions about positioning."

LOVE this twist on the sonogram in the pocket pic!!! Nice way to incorporate the hubby!

The remedy I use for my babies from 0-4yrs. I put baby Vicks or Little Remedies Baby Rub on the bottom of their feet with socks. Gets rid of cough quickly for a restful night.

Might help

  • Elaina Hodges

    Omg DJ was extremely colic and I figured out if I rubbed the 4&5 area he would calm down until I stopped. I nwver saw this before or even new there were points like this.

For the soon to be mommys! I wish I'd have read up more before hand! This can be very helpful along with talking to moms who've been there before. My two cents would be don't doubt what your doing and keep going! I felt very lost at first but absolutely love it and enjoy it now!!

Over 40 Smart Ways to Save Money on Baby Costs. I'll be glad I pinned this one day

This is gonna be the go-to baby gift from now on! ... thought of you @Laura Jayson Jayson Jayson Pawlowski-Popdan and macy when i saw this :)

Wedding Rings on baby's footie Priceless

"Stay in bed until you see the sun!" This clock displays a sleepy star during nighttime hours, and a cheerful sun during the day. Parents choose what time the sun appears, so the child knows when it's ok to get out of bed.

Finally, studies are catching up with common sense. Study Finds Benefits in Delaying Severing of Umbilical Cord -