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Graphics - collage sheets, printables, paintings & pictures. Just cool and/or interesting stuff.

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what kind of bike is this year and make if possible?

Wizard of Oz

Canny Gal | If life is hard, we might as well laugh. | Page 15

The Boston Raleigh Users Group: Simple Tips About Adjusting Rod ...

Printable large size Ouija board (looks like the Parker Bros. version) for crafting. I plan on making placemats, and using this as my computer wallpaper.

Use Borax Dry Soap by Cheap Camera Tricks, via Flickr

The Cordial Churchman Blog - Bow ties and all things gentlemanly

Westeros - Maps - The South

Map of the South - Resources - A Game of Thrones

Westeros - Maps - The North

Map of the North - Resources - A Game of Thrones

Gibson Girl hairstyle was a way that wealthy women in the late 1800s and early 1900s wore their hair. The "Gibson Girl" was a independent woman who had a perfect figure and confident personality. Women in this time would strive to be like this. • What a beauty!

Civil War period antique chloroform tin with the label of the Georgetown, D.C., druggist R.S.T. Cissel. Many a Civil War war soldier was grateful to see this bottle in the medical tent.

Vintage Seed Packet Rutabaga Colorful by VintageVendor on Etsy, $3.50