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Nursing Mnemonics

Hand-made telemetry cheat sheet.

Nursing Lab Values Cheat Sheet | normal lab values nursing chart

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We're just missing the Stefaniemia diagnosis.....definition: a Nurse Stefanie deficiency; most common cause: lack of Nurse Stefanie exposure for greater than 24 hours; most common symptoms: uncontrolled anxiety, irrational fears, failure to thrive and multiple phone calls/pages.

Critical Lab Values List: this shows the values when the lab becomes "critical" or serious, often indicative that an intervention needs to be implemented by the Nurse & health care team STAT. Included is the BMP, CBC, Serum Drug Levels, Coagulation Studies, & ABGs.

When someone says "my stomach hurts" they don't realize all the stuff running through a nurses mind

This page has 100's of nursing related info pics, save, post in word and print so helpful to study with!!

Chronic renal failure

Acute kidney injury

Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Vital Signs ·         Changes in vital signs o   ↑ BP* o   ↓ Pulse o   Change in body temperature o   Changes in respiratory patterns + rate*