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Ting jeg tror Liane kan bruge <3

With cardboard as a base and printable templates, this sounds like a cinch! Perfect for using up scrap yarn-- the round version would be great for holding the latest knitting/crochet project.

Must remember for Thanksgiving next year! Dip tip of waffle cone in warm water for about 20 seconds then microwave for 20 seconds. Roll the softened end of the cone around a clean pencil then hold in place for 20 seconds. Little cornucopias.

Make Magic Sand - build castles under water - the sand stays dry!!!! This site has fabulous science projects....

Melt a single layer of cheap plastic beads in a metal cake pan at 400 degrees for about 20 min. Invert when cool, it will fall right out. Drill hole, thread a string, and hang.

Fill balloons with water and add food coloring; once frozen, cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles. Hmmmmmm lol