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Integrated Marketing and Fundraising

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The O'Neil Pyramid [cartoon from Hugh MacLeod, Gaping Void]. Sales is about solving problems. We're all in sales. Fundraising is about solving problems too. By facilitation philanthropy we help donors find the meaning they seek.

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Meet-ups are created organically.  Whoever wants to start one, around whatever common interest, simply puts it out there.  They see if anyone else shares their passion.  Then – like any other social network -- folks start joining and dialoguing and, before you know it, they’re a little engaged community. Nonprofits can learn from this.

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Hard to imagine not budgeting to let folks know we're here... But that's the business of not wanting to admit "business" into your business.

The cost of different online fundraising platforms/services.

Handing Over The Keys to Social Media Intern -- this shows the dangers of not integrating and hiring for appropriate skills. If we silo fundraising, and think we can go it alone, we don't put our best foot forward. Plus, we duplicate resources.

Customer Service is the New Marketing

Let’s consider a new paradigm for #marketing and #development in today’s world. The 4 P’s of #Social #Business introduces us to just such a model. In a nutshell, marketing used to look at the continuum of activity encompassing marketing and sales through the lens of the 4 P’s of product, price, promotion and place. It was a great framework. But time does not stand still, and infrastructures need rebuilding. Here’s the suggestion of how the 4 P’s might look today for a truly ‘#social business’ :

The #digital #revolution has made it easier for each individual to beat – and march to – their own drum. This means we no longer lead the band (or, shall I say, #brand). So if neither #marketing nor 3development is wielding the baton, does it matter how they’re connected or separated? Yes! But the way it matters may be different than appears at first blush.

#Marketing and #development are both all about constituent #engagement. They should be doing it together; not in silos. And this is possible! #Development has always been, fundamentally, the process of uncovering shared #values. This is also what marketing does. Whether for-profit or #nonprofit, the organization has a “product” and “exchanges” this with the #consumer who “values” it.

My first job in #development I worked for a place that didn’t understand they were driving our #constituents nuts, wasting resources and weakening our #brand in the process. It was a music conservatory, and development’s principle message was: “Develop the professional musicians of the future”. #Marketing’s principle message was: “We have more concerts here than anyplace else in town”. Do you see the disconnect? What's it to be? Eat me or drink me... or?

Our #consumers (#donors) increasingly use all #media channels in combination. They don't care about the origin of the message -- whether it came from the #marketing or #development department. Both should be creating positive #customer #experience. Instead, we act like we live down the rabbit hole where the Mad Hatter keeps confusing the heck out of us and cats can splinter into pieces, including just a bunch of teeth. In the real world, people are whole and want to relate to us as whole.

#Fundraising is not basketball, but it’s madness not to play as a team. I’ve spoken with three #nonprofits in the past several months that, rather than joining forces, have decoupled their #marketing and #development departments. I surmise they do this because marketing doesn’t understand development. Or development doesn’t understand marketing. Or the CEO doesn’t understand either. Or they're mad as March Hares and Hatters.

Marketing and development are one and the same, and it’s time for us to align. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again and again – no doubt until I’m blue in the face, with smoke coming out my ears! Let's please get rid of the silos that cause the right side of the mouth not to know what the left side of the mouth is saying.

#Development and #marketing have the same decisions to make: (1) which “product” to offer; (2) which channel(s) to message in. The right product must be offered in the right way to the right #customer. If marketing and development target the same #constituents (there's always significant overlap), yet each chooses a different product or channel, we’re in trouble. Development and marketing efforts must have #coherence. Yet often no one has authority (or too many share authority); we get anarchy.

We absolutely must take a team approach to fundraising and assure that all departments are moving together in the same direction.

Just look at this. Fundraising cannot survive without all these media. If the marketing department is doing this without you, then where will you be?

One of the new realities of marketing and fundraising in today’s multi-channel environment is that you are no longer in control — your customers and donors are. Since continuing to communicate in silos is suicide, we need to integrate departments and outsource where we lack the skills.

#Fundraising #consultants launched an #integrated #marketing group in January 2012 to promote the use of integrated marketing by the #charitable sector. The concept is to establish a wiki-type web presence and blog where challenges can be aired and ideas can be exchanged, said Michael Johnston, of the firm hjc in Toronto and chairman of the group, which calls itself the Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB).