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PB2, All the taste of peanut butter but without all the fat. I use it in my Shakeology. 2/3 scoop of shakeology, 1 packet of PB2 and one Vita Coco Coconut water for an easy on the go Health Shake

blushing bride on my wedding day :)

Will never forget you Trixie.

  • Charlee Luallen

    I was beginning to think I was the only person that ever read those!

  • Wj Schneider

    So was I! I read them all and was amazed that you can still buy the whole series.

Spinach ice cream?!?!

  • Kara Parker

    K, I think someone needs to make this for me and not tell me what it really is.....I think if I made it I would taste the spinach.

  • Charlee Luallen

    Kara, I've been doing the Green Monster Spinach smoothie, and if you mix it with fruit, its not bad at all! I really like spinach, but the idea of a smoothie with spinach in it was a bit much to me, but other than a slight aftertaste, its DE-licious! Extremely healthy as well! That ice cream looks delicious, though!

i want to be emma stone cool