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Opt out of the melodrama and toxic people in your life. If your feed is full of hatred, conflict and contempt, don’t expect your life to be much different. Choose your inputs wisely. A remarkable day (and life) awaits.

Before you have half a mind to half heartedly half ass your way through another project, remember that apathy and indifference will never yield more than lackluster results. In life, as in the hokey pokey, you must pour your whole self into your passions, projects and purpose. Get excited. Take great pride in what you accomplish. Life’s far too short to do anything less. #makeithappen

The Defenders of the Status Quo are quick to dismiss the passionate, creative and resourceful who venture courageously forward...[more]

We love Mondays. Monday is a starting line for dreamers and doers. There’s a fresh week of days on the clock. And countless possibilities for our boundless potential. This is not the day to be back at the grindstone. This is the day to be back at our passion. It’s Monday. And we can’t wait to get started. #makeithappen

There’s no shortage of wonder, beauty and blessings in this world. Give thanks for your bounty – both personal and professional. Our cups truly runneth over, every single day. #makeithappen

This week is your passing lane. While everyone else is coasting into the holiday weekend, punch the accelerator. Dig in. Focus. Make progress. Coasting only gets you to the bottom. Let’s climb. Start up. Gear up. Finish up. Create value. Clear up unfinished projects. Resolve lingering commitments. Clear your mind so you can truly give thanks for the blessing, bounty and bacon in your life. Then, relax, recharge and reload, we have important work to do. Greatness awaits.