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No longer waiting...letting go & moving on...

Passionate Hearts :The Real Essence Of Life: May 2013

I gave up on you. Not because i dont love you, not because i dont want to be with you anymore, but because not once did you ever even fight for me. send quotes here

I Miss You Quotes Tumblr | still love you quotes for her , i still love you poems , i still ...

I Still Miss You Quotes Tumblr

I don't chase people

A gentleman knows when to call her sexy and when to let her know she's beautiful..

I am not just raising little boys. I am raising future husbands, fathers, and God fearing men.

Funny Music Ecard: I need to go to rehab, my love for Luke Bryan is starting to become an obsession.

Once upon a time some kids did as they were told and their Mommy didn't have to lose her shit and drink wine out the box before noon. Welcome to summer vacation!

you were a whore, then a housewife, now a whore again, congratulations you've come full circle!

Girl, kick his 'I don't know', wishy-washy, indecisive ass to the CURB! Then go find yourself a nice, old man who knows what he wants in life.

Dear Girls, Dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure. Yes you'll get attention, but mostly from pigs. Sincerely, Real Men

100 Mischievous ELF Ideas; hysterical! Can't wait to do some this year!