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{ curvy voluptuous gorgeous women }

Marilyn Monroe, the last sitting

Crystal Renn

Ary Spoelstra Could do this with a curvy woman. Beautiful pose

Modern bohemian Theda Bara type.

Gentlemen Prefer Curves

Do you know who that picture is of ? That’s Marilyn Monroe. They’ve considered her the most beautiful women in the world. She’s gorgeous, and beautiful, right ? But look at her stomach. Is it completley flat ? Does she not have love handles or, perfect long skinny legs ? No. She dosn’t. And wanna know something ? Her pants size, was a size 9. She wasn’t some 00 or 1. She had CURVES. We all worry about our pants size, and our weight when, in reality, who cares ? Why not live our lives and be happy instead of counting calories in our head ? Love yourself, because if you cant love yourself, you cant love anybody, or anything else. Be free, be happy and be healthy!

Realistic goal. She looks beautiful and healthy with curves.