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Glitter Snowflakes from Simply Mommie

1. Download the large snowflake template or small snowflake template. Print enough pages so you'll have 6 squares (1 or 2 sheets, depending on which template you chose). Cut along the inner lines with an X-acto knife and then cut out the squares.

FREE Snowflake Templates to Cut!

Snowflake Templates to Cut!

FREE Printable Paper Snowflake Templates

FREE Printable Paper Snowflake Templates

snowflake templates for after the paper is folded. Some beautiful snowflakes and pretty easy to cut out.

make colorful snowflakes from advertisements. yes!

Glittered paper snowflakes ~ How to ~ What a simple way to fancy up snowflakes.

A Fanciful Twist: Let's Make Paper Snowflakes! {A Tutorial}


How to make a paper snowflake

·|· how to make simple paper snowflakes — full tutorial at link

How to make many Borax Snowflakes (many at once).

LittleCats Kindergarten: January 2011

i just showed my kids how to make these. I learned how to do them in grade school and still remembered. Here is a tutorial if you want to make your own. They are very easy!

How to Make Hanging Paper Snowflakes