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Wil Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesome.

25 Series to read if you love the Hunger Games I've read a few should look into the rest.

pastperfection: Exercise for the Transversus Abdominis (AKA the muscle that pulls in the ring of your waist) One area of your abs you may be neglecting is the transversus abdominus - without working it, you run the risk of developing a square torso (straight up and down) rather than an hourglass one (tapered at the waist).

12 Things I’ve Learned by Avoiding Relationships | Thought Catalog. I love this.

40 of the Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken. These are amazing.

softest, silkiest legs. really works but be ready to clean your tub after. You'll be shedding dead skin like crazy

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!

Take a picture together every anniversary and watch yourselves grow old together.