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KPCB’s Mary Meeker & Liang Wu 2012 Internet Trends 1) review Internet stats and notes that Internet growth remains robust and rapid mobile adoption is still in early stages; 2) run through a number of examples of business models that are being re-imagined and re-invented thanks to mobile and social; 3) highlight mixed economic trends and 4) observe that while there’s a lot to excited about in technology, there are things to be worried about regarding America’s financial situation.

The Evolution Of Digital Advertising - //ADZAG.CO

Embrace it. Kill the marketing spealk. A-hunters-guide-to-bsfree-insights by Tom Morton via Slideshare

Why Burberry wants to bring online experience into stores - and not vice versa. "When you start interacting and engaging in a very authentic way with social media, you also have to look at the way you do things. Things need to be quicker, more personalized; there needs to be a dialogue, rather than the industry standard of working always in this way and on this calendar. You need to question everything that you can." - Christopher Bailey, CCO, Burberry

Why Burberry Wants to Bring the Online Experience to Stores

‘This Is Responsive’: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Responsive Design

The globalization of beauty using Image Atlas visual search

This Tool Reveals What Experience You Need Before Getting Your Dream Job

The Internet 2002 vs 2012. Oh how things have changed.

It's a 4-screen world TV, Tablet, Mobile and Laptop/Desktop...

Pristmatic (iOS, FREE) is going to change the way you read news on your iPhone (Walkthrough)

Smells like Instagram. Flipboard quadruples user base to 20 million in 8 months.

Android users now have the ability to create bright, colorful collages out of their photos with fashion photographer Ben Watts’ new WattsUpPhoto app, a collaboration between the artist and HTC. Users can choose from three eye-popping layouts (think: neon colors and crafty, scrapbook-inspired details) to personalize mood boards out of their own images, perfect for sharing with friends.

Color Psychology in Logo Design - while corporations do not copyright colors...

Visual social bio