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Found this on an inspirational blog with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation.... #dangshefine

  • Leslie King Shirkey

    Thought it was a man at first.. wheres the femininity? I love a fit bod just not a mans.. :)

  • Lizzy Mendoza

    I can't believe there are so many haters... She looks amazing!!! Jealous MUCH!!!

  • Leesa Worgull

    My her body...strong and still feminine.

  • Cat Harper

    Not jealous, just prefer a not so cut body on a woman. I'm in awe of her physicality tho...

  • Morgan Whetzel

    I HIGHLY doubt that she cares if you don't like the way she looks. Here's a helpful hint though: If you don't want a muscular body then don't work for one. There. Your issues with masculinity won't be an issue.

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