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OVER 100 Kid Friendly Recipes at ...Breakfasts, dinners, desserts and after-school-snacks... This list is your one stop shop for kid approved recipes!

100+ Kid Friendly Recipes | Chef in Training

Easy Ranch Carrots! This side dish is only FOUR INGREDIENTS and so delicious! Definitely a new family favorite!

Easy Ranch Carrots | Chef in Training

Green Smoothie from …This drink is DELICIOUS! It is so healthy and a great way to sneak in some added veggies without the kids even knowing!

Green Smoothie | Chef in Training

Zucchini Brownies from …These brownies are rich, moist, delicious and the perfect way to use up some of that zucchini!

Zucchini Brownies | Chef in Training

Crock Pot Homemade Refried Beans! Once you try this easy recipe, you will NEVER go back to canned refried beans again!

Mom's Homemade Refried Beans | Chef in Training

Sparkling Cider Pound Cake with a Sparkling Cider Glaze! This recipe is absolutely incredible!

EASY Funnel Cakes! These are so quick to fix and SO delicious!

EASY Funnel Cakes | Chef in Training

Southwest Hummus Wraps from …This is a delicious, filling and easy meal that you don't have to feel guilty about!

Southwest Hummus Wraps | Chef in Training

Coconut Cream Cake from ...This cake is perfection! moist, delicious SO easy to make!

Coconut Cream Cake | Chef in Training

Zucchini Bread from …This recipe is so moist and the crumb topping and Buttercream frosting really blow it out of the park!

Zucchini Bread with Crumb Topping | Chef in Training

95+ Caramel Recipes | Chef in Training
  • Alan Hobbs

    Carmel is My Favorite Topping Of Course with all the other toppings

Spinach Stromboli with Garlic Sauce… This meal is absolutely DELICIOUS!

Spinach Stromboli | Chef in Training
  • Kriseana Steward

    I really like spinach and this would satisfy at least two of my favorite foods. Thank you for pinning!

Cheesy Potato Casserole from …This recipe is so easy and one of my favorite side dishes!

Cheesy Potato Casserole | Chef in Training

Nutella Banana Bread… this recipe is outstanding! The Nutella really makes the flavor delicious and unique!

Nutella Banana Bread | Chef in Training

Perfect Pie Crust recipe from …This crust is easy to make and is super tasty!

Perfect Pie Crust | Chef in Training

Baked Cheesy Omelet from ...The easiest and quickest way to make an omelet! So delicious too!

Baked Cheesy Omelet | Chef in Training

Peanut Butter Bars! These are honestly THE BEST! You need to try these!

Peanut Butter Bars | Chef in Training

Biscuits with Country Sausage Gravy from …This recipe is absolutely divine! A perfect filling breakfast that is full of amazing flavor!

Biscuits with Country Sausage Gravy | Chef in Training
  • Sharon Blanton

    My mother always made this. She called it sawmill gravy. My sons love it.

Banana Bars with Brown Butter Frosting from …These bars are so soft and delicious! The perfect way to use up some ripe bananas!

Banana Bars with Brown Butter Frosting | Chef in Training