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DIY Up-Cycled Garden Gates

DIY Up-Cycled Garden Gates | The Garden Glove

DIY - How To Grow Bamboo & Modernize Your Home!

Modernize Your Garden With Bamboo | The Garden Glove

Fire mandala,

Bohemian homes: Fire mandala, (Bohemian Homes)

Kids' Science in the Garden...Fun ways to add even more science learning to your spring gardening in the classroom or at home!

Kids' Science in the Garden

Chicken Run - love this for between the garden rows. what a great idea. bug control without crop destruction!

Chicken Run | FollowPics

River Bed Idea - this post has a video showcasing a gorgeous home! There are a lot of landscaping ideas on it!!!

House Beautiful: Their garden is their workout centre

Gardening in small spaces? Take a look at what one mother has done on her balcony. One of her goals: Create a special place for her 2-year-old. How do you get your kids involved in the garden? www.sweethappylif...

Sweet Happy Life | Vegetarian Family Recipes & Kids Activities

Punch holes in the plastic instruction tabs that come with your plants and put on a binder ring. I got a package of rings and a hole punch at Target (surprise!) for about $3.

DIY Bird Baths - Easy projects you can do!

Fall is For the Birds! 7 DIY Bird Baths | The Garden Glove

Plants that repel Mosquitos

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally - Infinity Lawn & Garden

Basically, a good rule to remember is that if you grow a plant for the fruit or the root, it needs full sun. If you grow it for the leaves, stems, or buds, a little shade will be just fine.

Alternative Gardning: Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade

What I like about this graphic? It illustrates all the makings of building an "instant layered" Lasagna Garden bed, too ;-) #GardenMaven Feed your soil informative composting know-how. Remember that Lasagna style garden beds require a starter layer of cardboard and manure (to draw the worms,) then the multi-layered makings of a good compost pile as shown above will do nicely... #GardenMaven

Think you don't have a spot for a fairy garden? Try a bird bath!

11 Inspiring Fairy Gardens | Listication - Part 3

protect your hydrangeas during winter... Just bloody brilliant! Probably good for any perennial that needs a little help overwintering...

Zone 6 Hydrangea winter protecting? - Hydrangea Forum - GardenWeb

6 Ways To Save Money on Outdoor Projects and Landscaping

6 Ways To Save Money on Outdoor Projects & Landscaping

This is one of the best gardening tips I was ever given many years ago. A simple way to have free plants for life.

Easy DIY Auto Chicken Waterer - for the warm months

Easy DIY Auto Chicken Waterer