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German Stage Performance | Pina Bausch Blaubart, 1977 | eerie | spooky | ghosts | insanity | asylum | insane | ghost dancers | climbing the walls | afterlife | scary | nightmares

Fanham Wood Mill: January 1929; Robert D. Walsh took this photo during renovation in order to measure the staircase for timber. He says at the time nothing was unusual except for his dogs behavior. This is what appeared in the photo.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetary, Midlothian, Illinois -this is the most famous ghostly photograph taken here, done on infrared film - there was no one on the bench when this photo was taken

.just creeps me out......bottom line. real or fake....little children ghosts are scary

Known variously as the Ozark Spook Light, the Hornet Ghost Light, the Joplin Ghost Light, the Devil’s Jack-O’-Lantern, and the Tri-State Spook Light it is, like the many other "will-o-wisps" lights, a mysterious glowing orb that has appeared regularly on this back road since approximately 1881, though some say it has been spotted by natives long before then.

Mrs. Knox was murdered sometime during the 1840's then her body was supposedly dumped behind a local Baptist Church. Mrs. Knox is now believed to be the White Lady. She haunts the grounds of Union Cemetary in Easton and Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetary in nearby Monroe.

Ghost Girl "Matilda" - photo taken in Prosperity Junction at the National Cowboy Museum on Oct. 27, 2009