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Coach bag :) show it here and for cheap$49.00

Classic : Coach Outlet Stores - Locations of Coach Factory Stores

▶ Collingwood Collegiate Presents "What Does The Teacher Say?" - YouTube. SO FUNNY!!

5 ideas for a über cool bachelorette party

Bridal shower idea: instead of a card write your well wishes on the back of a wooden initial of the bride's soon to be last name.

**I'VE WANTED TO PLAY THIS GAME FOREVER!!!*** New Drinking Game: Attach a mustache to your TV. Then drink every time it lines up with someone's face! doing this at the next movie night with root beer :)

Wow. I was actually laughing out loud. Gosh those phones have naughty computer brains lol

This is the making of a great relationship. A boy and his puppy.

Family Game night: Minute to Win it! .....This challenge was transferring m's from one plate to another using a straw and we had to make a smiley face. We got one point if we did the task under a minute and another point if we beat whoever we were racing at the moment. At the end when we combined the scores of the couples it was a three way tie. So we redid the m race but the couple had to pass the m from straw to straw, so I picked one up passed to Caleb and he put in on the other plate.

For some reason, I think of Rhiannon Osborne when I see these!!

Hahahahaha yes!!!! @Natalie Casanova

bahah! seriously though, tone it down a notch

links to watch practically all the disney movies online...this is for college kids who can't take their family owned movies with them.